water weblog; Water News: 3. 2015

APWF Water News 252

In this Philippine town, an ATM discharges water not cash
Asia One, 24 March, 2015

Lack of clean water kills 55 people in Philippines daily
Channel News Asia, 22 March, 2015

South Asia running out of groundwater
Science and Development Network, 21 March, 2015

India’s Water Man Rajendra Singh wins prestigious 2015 Stockholm Water Prize
First Post, 20 March 2015

Water access improvements will improve global productivity
Forbes, 20 March, 2015

Taiwan to further tighten water supply amid drought
Channel News Asia, 20 March, 2015

UN warns world could have 40 percent water shortfall
The New York Times, 20 March, 2015

Winning ways to save water
News Asia One, 19 March, 2015

South Korea reduces water supply to the North
Sputnik International, 17 March, 2015

Most of China’s coastal waters heavily polluted
Eco-business, 17 March 2015

One in five newborn deaths could be prevented with safe water: experts
Reuters, 17 March, 2015

Irrigation water rationed in Isabela
The Manila Times, 16 March, 2015

China’s water crisis opens giant market for business
Eco-Business, 16 March, 2015

Malaysians going outdoors warned of ‘rat urine disease’
Your Health Asia One, 16 March, 2015

Fertilisers help toxic algae thrive in warming world
Eco-Business, 16 March, 2015

New water treatment plant construction by year-end
Macau Business Daily, 16 March, 2015

Water conservation plays a leading role in Chingay celebrations at Bukit Panjang
Channel News Asia, 15 March, 2015

APWF Water News 251

Singapore’s 3rd desalination plant will be built at Tuas: MEWR
Channel News Asia, 12 March, 2015

Kashmir’s water bodies dying fast
The Kashmir Monitor, 11 March, 2015

Taiwan mulls stricter water rationing as drought persists
Channel News Asia, 10 March, 2015

How to deal with flooding? Build floating houses, obviously
Takepart, 10 March, 2015

Andrew Forrest calls for harvesting of rivers, underground aquifers to droughtproof agricultural areas
Yahoo News, 9 March, 2015

More than 7,000 race to raise awareness for those who lack safe drinking water
Channel News Asia, 8 March, 2015

What kills more women than AIDS and breast cancer? Dirty water
Reuters, 7 March, 2015

Water level in Shimen Reservoir reaches new low amid drought
Focus Taiwan News Channel, 7 March, 2015

Floods projected to cost South Asia over $215 billion per year
DW, 6 March, 2015

UH professor helps South-Asian countries manage water resources
Phys Org, 6 March, 2015

Record 400,000 will take part in Singapore’s World Water Day celebrations
Channel News Asia, 4 March, 2015

Hong Kong water rates could double
Asia One, 4 March, 2015

Supply of treated water in Negri and Johor under threat
Asia One, 4 March, 2015

Indonesia’s government to draft rules to fill void in water management
Asia One, 2 March, 2015

30 schools take part in eco-challenge
Channel News Asia, 28 February, 2015

Nepal seeks India’s help in water management
Web India, 28 February, 2015