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The 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit

2nd APWS Prime Minister of Thailand
The 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit, which was organized by Asia-Pacific Water Forum and hosted by the Government of Thailand, was held on the 19-20 May 2013 in Chiang Mai. Heads of State/Government from Thailand, Brunei, Fiji, Georgia, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Korea, Lao, Niue and Vanuatu and more than 300 leaders from governments, international organizations, private sector, academia and civil society attended the summit. There were extensive discussions on 7 Focus Areas led by organizations of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum: Economic, Food and Water Security led by FAO and ESCAP; Urban Water Security led by UN-HABITAT; Environmental Water Security led by IUCN; Household Water Security led by ESCAP; Water Risks and Resilience led by ICHARM; IWRM Process for a Water Secure World led by UNESCO; and Water-related Disaster Challenge led by ONWEMP, Government of Thailand.

At the closing of the summit, Mr. Preecha Rengsomboonsuk, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Government of Thailand announced the adoption of the Chiang Mai Declaration by the Heads of State/Governments and the high-level representatives in attendance at the summit.

President Mori On behalf of the organizer of Asia-Pacific Water Summit, president of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF) Yoshiro Mori delivered an opening address on water security at the plenary session. He said that it has been widely recognized since the first APWS that water is the highest priority issue for the nation.

He reiterated that it was essential to build water security in order to ensure social, economic and ecological health and maintain a sustainable society and environment. He also emphasized the need for efforts towards meeting the sanitation needs of the Asia-Pacific region; the importance of the assessing the economic risk of natural disasters; the enhancement of governance in the water
sector through legislation; the ensuring of water, energy and food security; the improvement of sharing of information and experiences for reducing the loss of human life as well as environmental and economic losses; and the importance of increasing resilience against disasters.

He expressed his profound gratitude to the distinguished contribution of the chair and one of the vice-chairs of the governing council of the APWF, who have devoted themselves to the activities of the APWF. He called on the president of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other stakeholders to cooperate towards the resolution of regional water and sanitation problems.

» Chiang Mai Declaration (PDF, 1.19MB)
» A Summary of Focus Area Sessions (FASs) (PDF, 555KB)

» Official website of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit
» Speeches by Heads of State/Government
» Reports by IISD

At the summit, the APWF announced that the chair of the Governing Council, Prof. Tommy Koh and the vice chair, Ms. Erna Witolear were stepping down from their positions, and that vice-chair Mr. Ravi Narayanan will be appointed as the new chair with Ms. Changhua Wu, Greater China Director of The Climate Group and Prof. Simon Tay, Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs, appointed as the new vice chairs.

(Upper-left photo by Government of Thailand)

Consultative Meeting on Organization of 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit

I. Outline
Date&TimeMonday, 14 January 2013, 10:00-13:00
VenueMeeting Room 301, 3rd Floor, Commanding Building, Government House, Bangkok, Thailand
OrganizerGovernment of Thailand
ParticipantsChair of Sub-Committee on Summit Scope and Program; Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand; Royal Irrigation Department; Office of The National Water and Flood Management Policy, and the other host agencies; Vice-chair of the APWF Governing Council; Representatives from the APWF lead organizations and sub-regional coordinators, and Secretariat; and other regional water-related organizations

II. Agenda
Chair: Dr. Apichart Anukularmphai, Sub-Committee on Summit Scope and Program

10:00-13:001. Official opening

2. Introduction of Participants

(Status of 2nd APWS organization)

3. Briefing from the Host Agency including update on preparation for 2nd APWS (1.08MB)

4. 2nd APWS Organizing Committees

(Consideration of 2nd APWS scope and impact)

5. Re-visitation of the Scope of the 2nd APWS

6. Enhancing the impact of 2nd APWS through partnership

7. Expansion of exhibition concept and space

(Consideration of a draft Message from Chiang Mai)

8. Review of preliminary draft Message from Bangkok

(Work planning and communications)

9. Proposed preparatory work plan and actions

10. Launch of the official 2nd APWS website

11. Other matters

(Closing of the meeting)

ยป 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit on Asia-Pacific Water Forum Website

An Invitation to nominate a chair and a vice-chair of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum's Governing Council

The Search Committee has determined that the nomination of candidates for a chair and a vice-chair of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum's Governing Council will be open to the Lead Organizations, Sub-regional Coordinators and governments in the region. Nomination should be submitted by e-mail (contact address: nomination@waterforum.jp) only by those invited organizations by March 31st, 2011.

» Nomination guidelines
» Terms of Reference of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the APWF's Governing Council
» APWF Rules and Procedures
» Countries of APWF

Request for Public Comments: Framework Document on Water and Climate Change Adaptation

The Steering Group on Water and Climate Change has released the draft Framework Document for public comments. The document is available at APWF website. After receiving comments, the Steering Group will submit the document to the Governing Council of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum for its endorsement, in December 2010. Comments should be submitted via e-mail to Mr. Koichi Takano at the Asian Development Bank (ktakano@adb.org) not later than the close of business on Friday, 26 November 2010.

» Framework Document on Water and Climate Change Adaptation

7th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum

Friday, 2 July 2010, PUB WaterHub, Learning Oasis Room, Singapore
» Highlights (PDF, 43kB)