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Final Consultation Workshop for Asian Water Development Outlook (AWDO) 2016

The JWF attended the Final Consultation Workshop for Asian Water Development Outlook (AWDO) 2016, held on November 7th and 8th at the Asian Development Bank. At the workshop, each writer updated analytical methods and data for five key dimensions of water security (1. household water security; 2. economic water security; 3. urban water security, 4. environmental water security; 5. resilience against water-related disasters), based on AWDO 2013 and the results of discussions at the Interim Review Meeting for Asian Water Development Outlook 2016, held in August, 2015. In addition, each participant reported on the results of analysis of the current status and future outlook of water security in major nations as well as the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. Afterwards, all participants made comments on each report and discussed the major messages of AWDO 2016 in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and governance issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

The AWDO 2016 report will be released at World Water Week in Stockholm in August, 2016.

17th Governing Council Meeting of the APWF

1. Outline
Date10 June 2015, 9:30~15:00
VenueWaterHub PUB, Singapore
OrganizerAsia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF)
(Host) Public Utilities Board (PUB, Singapore's national water agency)
ParticipantsChair and Vice-chairs of the APWF Governing Council Representatives from the APWF lead organizations, sub-regional coordinators and members (26 people)
2. Agenda
9:30-10:301. Greeting
2. Chairmanship of the Meeting
3. Adoption of the Agenda
4. Report on the 7th World Water Forum
a)· General report on the 7th World Water Forum's overall outcome (Post-Agenda & Science and Technology session summary): KWF
10:30-12:00 b) Asia-Pacific regional session outcomes by session coordinators
· Water and Cities: UNESCO
· Water and Green Growth: K-Water
· Water and Food Security: FAO
· Integrated Water Resources Management: NARBO
· Development of Cooperation in the Aral Sea Basin: GWP CACENA
· Trans-boundary River in Northeast Asia: KWF
13:00-14:00 c) Report on water related disaster at the 7th World Water Forum: ICHARM
d) Report on sanitation at the 7th World Water Forum: Japan Sanitation Consortium
e) Finalizing the Asia-Pacific regional final report: Secretariat
f) Dissemination of outcomes: Secretariat
14:00-14:30 5. Progress updates on the ADB's initiatives: ADB
6. Progress updates on the Meta-guidelines for Water and Climate Change for Asia-Pacific: GWP
14:30-15:30 7. The 3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit
8. Other matters
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» Official website of the 7th World Water Forum here

By Secretariat of the APWF

24 October 2014: The Coordinator Meeting -The 7th Word Water Forum-

The Coordinator Meeting
The 7th Word Water Forum

Coordinator Meeting photo 1 Coordinator Meeting photo 2

1. Outline
Date24 October, 9:30-17:30
VenueMercure Centre Hotel, France
OrganizerWorld Water Council and National Committee of the 7th World Water Forum
Participants Design Group Coordinators of theme, region and science and technology processes.

2. Agenda
Part 1: Plenary Session for all process
9:30-9:45-The Forum week: concept, schedule, logistics
-Roadmap towards the Forum week
The Forum secretariat
9:45-10:45- Progress of each process
: including brief introduction of each Process’s themes
-The way to participate special programs
The Process Commission
11:10-11:30- Guideline for joint and concluding session
: including explanation about the implementation roadmap and the Action Monitoring System
Facilitator and/or the Thematic Process Commission
11:30-11:50- Guideline for sessions: session template, reportFacilitator
11:50-12:50- Special Lesson (1) : How to present message effectivelyProf. Tim Collen
12:50-13:10- Special Lesson (2) :Facilitator Program (tentative)Facilitator
13:10-13:30Q & A 
Part 2: Separate meeting for each process
14:30-16:30- Design Coordinator Meeting of each process
A: Organization of joint thematic sessions and others
(main issue of meeting)
B: MoU’s and budget operation: reporting, payments, contracts
C: Next Steps, including coming meetings
Part 3: Plenty roundtable for all process
16:30-17:00- Compose a group for joint concluding sessions 
17:00-17:30- Q & A and closing 

The Asia-Pacific Regional Kick-off Meeting for the 7th World Water Forum

1. Outline
DateJune 5, 2014
VenuePUB Water Hub, Singapore
OrganizerAsia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF), Korea Water Forum
ParticipantsChair and Vice-chairs of the APWF Governing Council,
Representatives from the APWF lead organizations, sub-regional coordinators, members, the youth group and other regional agencies and civil society organizations(41people)

2. Agenda
ChairMr. Ravi Narayanan, Chair of the APWF Governing Council
9:30-16:001. Greetings
2. Remarks & Presentation on the 7th World Water Forum
· 7th WWF Regional Process: KWF
· Regional Design Group Terms of Reference: KWF
· Regional Process Roadmap: KWF
· Roadmap towards 7th WWF: KWF
· Regional Session Group: KWF

3. Presentation on the Asia Pacific Regional Process for the 7th World Water Forum by the APWF Secretariat
· Roadmap of Regional Process towards 7th WWF: APWF Secretariat
· Draft Roadmap: APWF Secretariat

4. Presentation on the Regional/Sub Regional Themes by the Asia Pacific Regional Session Groups
· Water and Cities: UNESCO
· Water and food Security: FAO
· Water and Green Growth: ESCAP, K-Water
· Strategic Flood Risk Management: ICIMOD
· Integrated Water Resources Management: NARBO
· GWP Strategy Presentation: GWP
· Regional Synthesis Session Group: APWF Secretariat

5. Discussion on the thematic content

6. Session Group Workshop

7. Summary by Session Group

8. Closing

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Seminar: How Can Regional KnowledgeHubs Promote the Most Suitable Technology for Wastewater Treatment? (Sanitation Knowledge Hub Seminar)

Wednesday, June 30th, 10.00-12.00

Venue: Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Room 325