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The Coordinator Meeting -The 7th Word Water Forum-

The Coordinator Meeting
The 7th Word Water Forum

Coordinator Meeting photo 1 Coordinator Meeting photo 2

1. Outline
Date24 October, 9:30-17:30
VenueMercure Centre Hotel, France
OrganizerWorld Water Council and National Committee of the 7th World Water Forum
Participants Design Group Coordinators of theme, region and science and technology processes.

2. Agenda
Part 1: Plenary Session for all process
9:30-9:45-The Forum week: concept, schedule, logistics
-Roadmap towards the Forum week
The Forum secretariat
9:45-10:45- Progress of each process
: including brief introduction of each Process’s themes
-The way to participate special programs
The Process Commission
11:10-11:30- Guideline for joint and concluding session
: including explanation about the implementation roadmap and the Action Monitoring System
Facilitator and/or the Thematic Process Commission
11:30-11:50- Guideline for sessions: session template, reportFacilitator
11:50-12:50- Special Lesson (1) : How to present message effectivelyProf. Tim Collen
12:50-13:10- Special Lesson (2) :Facilitator Program (tentative)Facilitator
13:10-13:30Q & A 
Part 2: Separate meeting for each process
14:30-16:30- Design Coordinator Meeting of each process
A: Organization of joint thematic sessions and others
(main issue of meeting)
B: MoU’s and budget operation: reporting, payments, contracts
C: Next Steps, including coming meetings
Part 3: Plenty roundtable for all process
16:30-17:00- Compose a group for joint concluding sessions 
17:00-17:30- Q & A and closing 


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