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1st Asian Water High Level Round Table -Water Security-

1. Outline
Time & Date13:00 ~ 15:00, June 4, 2014
Venue3602 – 3603 Ballrooms on Level 3, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
ParticipantsApproximately 40 (Closed meeting)
* Concept Note of Asian Water High Level Round Table -Water Security-

2. Objectives
The objectives of the High Level Round Table are as follows:
- To provide mutual comprehension of the issues and solutions related to water security;
- To establish a sustainable multi-lateral cooperation network for improvement in water security;
- To achieve global consensus with which the success of the 7th WWF will be secured.

3. The Detail Subjects
Initiating the High Level Round Table by mutually discussing the issues related Water Security; Sanitation, Water Disaster, Climate Change and other issues of interest such as Data issues for Transboundary Catchments/Basins suggested by one of the valuable participants.

4. Time table
13:00 ~ 13:02 Getting Started
13:02 ~ 13:07 Welcoming Speech & Opening Remarks by K-water CEO
13:07 ~ 13:10 Introduction of Asian Water HLRT & Facilitator
13:10 ~ 13:15 Introduction of Agenda & panelists by Moderator
13:15 ~ 14:35 Panel Discussion
Panelists engage Open & Free dialogue serving the sub topics of Climate Change, Disaster, Sanitation and other issues as well as sharing the Best Practices, the lessons may learned
14:35 ~ 14:45 Wrap-up Discussion by Moderator
14:45 ~ 14:50 Announcement for the 2nd pre-meeting
14:50 ~ 15:00 Closing address by K-water CEO & Photo Time
* Participants list


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