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The Asia-Pacific Regional Kick-off Meeting for the 7th World Water Forum

1. Outline
DateJune 5, 2014
VenuePUB Water Hub, Singapore
OrganizerAsia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF), Korea Water Forum
ParticipantsChair and Vice-chairs of the APWF Governing Council,
Representatives from the APWF lead organizations, sub-regional coordinators, members, the youth group and other regional agencies and civil society organizations(41people)

2. Agenda
ChairMr. Ravi Narayanan, Chair of the APWF Governing Council
9:30-16:001. Greetings
2. Remarks & Presentation on the 7th World Water Forum
· 7th WWF Regional Process: KWF
· Regional Design Group Terms of Reference: KWF
· Regional Process Roadmap: KWF
· Roadmap towards 7th WWF: KWF
· Regional Session Group: KWF

3. Presentation on the Asia Pacific Regional Process for the 7th World Water Forum by the APWF Secretariat
· Roadmap of Regional Process towards 7th WWF: APWF Secretariat
· Draft Roadmap: APWF Secretariat

4. Presentation on the Regional/Sub Regional Themes by the Asia Pacific Regional Session Groups
· Water and Cities: UNESCO
· Water and food Security: FAO
· Water and Green Growth: ESCAP, K-Water
· Strategic Flood Risk Management: ICIMOD
· Integrated Water Resources Management: NARBO
· GWP Strategy Presentation: GWP
· Regional Synthesis Session Group: APWF Secretariat

5. Discussion on the thematic content

6. Session Group Workshop

7. Summary by Session Group

8. Closing

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