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Preparatory Meeting of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit

I. Outline
Date&TimeTuesday, 19 March 2013, 9:30-16:00
VenueUnited Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
Organizer Government of Thailand and Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF)
ParticipantsChairman of 2nd APWS Sub-Committee on Scope and Program, Representatives from the Thai National Organizing Committee of the 2nd APWS, Vice-Chair of the APWF Governing Council, Representatives from the APWF lead organizations and sub-regional coordinators (45 people)

II. Agenda
Co-Chairs: Dr. Apichart Anukularmphai, Chairman of 2nd APWS Sub-Committee on Scope and Program; and Mr. Ravi Narayanan, Vice Chair of the APWF Governing Council
9:30-16:001. Chairmanship of the Meeting
2. Adoption of the agenda
3. » Program of the 2nd APWS (8.6MB)
4. Progress of invitation process for the 2nd APWS
5. Logistics of the 2nd APWS
6. Chiang Mai Declaration
7. Outline of the Focus Area Sessions
(1) » Economic, Food and Water Security (FAO and ESCAP) (94 KB)
(2) » Urban Water Security (UN-HABITAT and PUB) (66 KB)
(3) Environmental Water Security (IUCN)
(4) » Household Water Security (ESCAP) (130 KB)
(5) » Water Risks and Resilience (ICHARM) (126 KB)
(6) » IWRM Process for a Water Secure World (UNESCO)
(7) Water-related Disasters Challenges (Thailand WFMC)
8. » Other activities during the 2nd APWS (3.2MB)
9. » Roadmap and new concrete initiatives (34KB)
10. Plan/schedule of the next meeting
11. Closing of the session
» Highlights (TBC)


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