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10th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum

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1. Outline
Date & TimeTuesday, 29 November 2011, 10:00-16:00
VenueLearning Oasis Room, PUB WaterHub, Singapore Address: 80 & 82 Toh Guan Road East
OrganizerAsia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF)
ParticipantsChair and Vice-chairs of the APWF Governing Council, Representatives of the APWF lead organizations and sub-regional coordinators, APWF members, Representatives of the Thai Government (34 people)

II. Agenda
Chair: Prof. Tommy Koh, Chair of the APWF Governing Council

10:00-16:001. Chairmanship of the Meeting
2. Adoption of the agenda
3. Search Committee
4. Invitation process for the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit

(a) Invitation Process for the 2nd APWS: Thai Government
5. Logistics of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit
(a) Logistics of the 2nd APWS: Thai Government
6. Outline of the Focus Area Sessions
(a) Economic, Food and Water Security: FAO
(b) Urban Water Security:UN-HABITAT
(c) Household Water Security: ESCAP
(d) Water Risks and Resilience: ICHARM
(e) IWRM Process for a Water Secure World: UNESCO
7. Activities leading to the 6th World Water Forum
(a) Preparation for the 6th World Water Forum: APWF Secretariat
8. Discussion on agenda 4. to 7.
   (Lunch Break)
9. Documents for the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit
(1) APWF Completion Report for the Governing Council’s term 2006-2011
(2) Message from Bangkok
(a) Drafting Process for Message from Bangkok: APWF Secretariat
(3) Asian Water Development Outlook 2012
10. Follow up of the APWF concrete initiatives
(a) Singapore International Water Week 2012, Singapore, 1-5 July 2012: PUB
11. Other matters
12. Closing of the session

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