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6th Governing Council Meeting of the Asia Pacific Water Forum

Chaired by the Chair of the Governing Council of the APWF, Prof. Tommy Koh
PUB WaterHub, Learning Oasis Room (Address: 80 & 82 Toh Guan Road East), Singapore
Monday, 30 November 2009

» Highlights (PDF, 40kB)


1. Chairmanship of the Meeting

10:00 - 13:00

2. Adoption of the agenda

3. Asia-Pacific Water Ministers Forum (APWMF), Singapore, 28 June 2010
(a) Draft outline of the APWMF to be organized on 28 June 2010 during the Singapore International Water Week: PUB (PDF, 243kB)
(b) Proposed concept of the presentation to be presented by the Governing Council at the APWMF: APWF Secretariat

4. APWF previous and future activities to promote concrete initiatives.
(a) Progress update in support of several APWF initiatives: ADB (PDF, 65kB)
(b) Promotion of the Ministers for Water Security Initiative: Secretariat (PDF, 211kB) & Bangladesh Water Partnership (PDF, 6.9MB)
(c) International Year of Sanitation follow-up meeting, Tokyo, 25-27 January 2010: Secretariat
(d) Other activities

5. New concrete initiatives
(a) Global Framework for Action (GF4A): WHO (PDF, 4.6MB)
(b) Other initiatives

6. Preparation for the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit (2nd APWS)
(a) Selection process of the host country for the 2nd APWS: Secretariat (PDF, 227kB)
(b) Roadmap towards the 2nd APWS: Secretariat (PDF, 35kB)

(Lunch Break)

14:00 - 17:00

7. Discussion on agenda 3. to 6.

8. Other matters
Northeast Asia: Progress of Activities: KWF (PDF, 724kB)

9. Closing of the session


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