weblog; Water Weblog User's Guideline

The Water Weblog was officially established by the Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF) to facilitate a wide range of information sharing and opinion exchange within the APWF and elsewhere. The Water Weblog is divided into individual themes. Initially, weblogs were established around four themes, the APWF’s Priority Themes: Water Financing; Disaster Management; and Water for Development and Ecosystems; and Information from the APWF, which mainly aimed to convey announcements from the Secretariat (Japan Water Forum), but we now intend to expand it as required to accommodate the needs of the Asia-Pacific Water Summit and other projects. This site will serve as a reference for basic information on weblogs, such as what functions they offer and so forth.
*what is a weblog?? (wikipedia)

As Manager, the APWF disseminates information and handles security for each weblog. The Manager makes all decisions regarding whether or not information, comments or TrackBacks are uploaded to a particular weblog.

Anyone can add comments and TrackBacks to the weblogs. We would be delighted if you would send us information or opinions on any of the themes.

Prohibited Conduct
The following acts are prohibited.
1. Acts that violate privacy
2. Acts that are libelous to a specific individual or organization
3. Acts that offend public order and morals
4. Criminal acts
5. Illicit access to websites
6. Acts that loss or damage or disadvantage the APWF
7. Other acts the APWF consider inappropriate.

Policy on Comments and TrackBacks
You can write comments on information disseminated by the Manager (entries made in the various blogs). TrackBacks from external blogs are also possible. However, some entries do not provide these options. Please note that in such cases, you are not able to add comments or TrackBacks.
The Manager checks all requests to add comments or TrackBacks, and they do not appear in weblogs until it has been confirmed they pose no problem in terms of security or content. Please note that although we may refuse to post particular comments or TrackBacks, we do not entertain questions concerning our reasons for rejection. In particular, we firmly oppose the posting of comments and TrackBacks that include content corresponding to prohibited conduct. We ask that you wait for your comments and TrackBacks to receive upload approval before they appear in the weblogs.

Copyright on information disseminated via the Water Weblog belongs to the APWF. Please note that information contained herein may not be reproduced without permission. Also, please understand that comments and TrackBacks added to the Water Weblog may be quoted (introduced) in other media without the information provider’s permission.
People wishing to reproduce information contained in the Water Weblog are requested to contact office@apwf.org (APWF Secretariat).

The APWF does not bear responsibility for any form of loss or damage incurred as a result of use of its website or weblog. Moreover, the APWF does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage inflicted upon a third party based on information obtained by users of its website or weblog.

*Guidelines herein are compliant with the laws of Japan.

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